Centering Truths, Not So Evident

Obelisk at the Center of the Santa Fe Plaza, Santa Fe, New Mexico, January 2017. Photo courtesy of Estevan Rael, pilot and aerial photographer whose work can be found at
East side of Plaza, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Nicholas Brown, 1868–1869, Palace of the Governors Photo Archives, New Mexico History Museum, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Laws of the Territory of New Mexico Passed by the Legislative Assembly Session of 1867–68 (Santa Fe: Manderfield & Tucker, 1867).
The Constitution of the United States, page 1 & The Declaration of Independence, page 1 (Images courtesy of the National Archives)
Image of sacramental records with superimposed list of the enslaved as drawn from both ecclesiastical and civil records
Red Hands on the Obelisk, Santa Fe, New Mexico, June, 2020. Photo courtesy of Juan. R. Rios.
Image of the inscription of the Obelisk that shows where the word “savage’ had been removed and where someone had written in the word, “couragous.”




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Estevan Rael-Gálvez

Estevan Rael-Gálvez

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